An Angry Man

I am not a rebel... I am just angry.

26 July 1983
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Well, a dedicated Fanfiction reader and not-so-dedicated fanfiction writer, Military History addict, naturally disturbed man, that's what I am. I am known as the Mad Prophet by some, variations af Khuzdul by others, and a chronic dreamer by the rest. Here is some persomal info about this "meatbag" (tribute to HK 47, KotOR)

Likes: fantasy, science fiction and anything between; magic, both occult and fancy; everything that can be defined by the world majestic: majestic mountains, majestic storms, majestic skylines, majestic skies, majestic sunsets, majestic loves, majestic conflicts, majestic weapons and majestic works of art, and above all, majestic music.

Dislikes: Cold, unnatural things that look too "manmade" like most cities, "modern" music, cheap novels telling stories of ordinary people, those who dream small.

Quote: "You are defined by the dreams you create."

Music: Nightwish, Therion, Almora, Xandria, Lacrimosa, Theatre of Tragedy

Life: A small corner where I dream, read, write and smile.

Death: Neither silent nor alone.

Me: A five feet nine, heavy set man with a bushy chestnut beard, long light brown hair, forest green eyes and lightly tanned skin who wears glasses and dresses usually in blue or green.

Myself: Impatient but slow to anger, once angered, more destructive than a raging dragon, a man who does not hide his emotions, and lives by the motto: I bow to no man!