An Angry Man

I am not a rebel... I am just angry.

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Finally having the time to use this thing properly...
A hellish couple of years. Either long silences or long periods of intense activity that left my mind worn like a well-used tire. Not that I am complaining. As I progress further into my studies, I unravel things every day that were beyond my ability before. Human mind is a magnificent thing, simply beautiful. And the universe shares and reflects that beauty, a beauty that is only visible through the eyes of a human who knows how to use her eyes and mind. Not an easy task, nor a quick one, but it is worth dying for.

Humanity, however, leaves much to be desired...

How can humans be so dense? I am no great philosopher, nor a man of deep and long life experience, but through simple contemplation, and by showing a tiny amount of bravery to step into the unknown of mind and universe, I reach things so beautiful, so... magnificent. How can other humans fail to see that? How can my beloved species fail to see the simplest beauty in the universe, instead sullying it with overindulgence in base desires? As the simplest example, how can sex become such a disgusting, humiliating spectacle when it was the most beautiful and intense way of showing love and passion between partners? When did human curiosity became sullied with domination over others?

What happened to the beautiful music we were listening to?

I just unloaded some things from my chest to Eksi Sozluk. It was in Turkish, so I felt the need to translate it so more can see it. If I spend time and energy to scream, I'd like to be heard.

We live in a strange society, in a strange age...

On one hand, we have an individuality phenomenon. Heh, more like a trend of Egoism. The world consists of Us, and others. "Every man for himself!" we scream. What happened to trust? Friendship? Loyalty? Chivalry? (First idiot that says such concepts are outdated will be shot.) We expect a payment for everything we do, and those payments are nearly always material. We expect a trade... What happened to charity? Even our charity is a show: We expect social stature from acts of charity. We expect something from a little act of kindness... Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is disgusting.

On the other hand, we have our society, which is in the process of globalization. We become a herd of beasts! We twisted the need to belong into such perversion that we change our thoughts, our tastes, our appearences, the very fabric of our being to resemble others. We claim to be individuals, but we force ourselves into a mold determined by others. Hypocrisy, definitely. Even then, we only come together to throttle anyone not like ourselves, to smother and destroy every deviation from accepted norm. In other times, we are at each others' throats, because our interests demand that. We eventually become statistics, expendable numbers on a piece of paper for those who rule to play with as they see fit.

Come on... Are we animals? Are we a pack of wild dogs, tearing each other apart over a scrap of meat, or a herd of sheep who looks over without caring while one of our own was being torn apart by wolves? We are human. We deserve better. We ARE better...

All for one and one for all... We are a collection of individuals, our distinctiveness, uniqueness blending together to make a society. We all bring our unique flavors, colors to the mix. We are all indispensable, we are all valuable. No one has the right to condemn anyone over a belief, a question of taste, an idea, unless it affects another human, or unless it is self-destructive to the extreme, as it is a society's duty to help those members in need. We fight together, if we fight, we die together, if we die, we drink together, we sing together... Is it so hard?


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