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Shadevari Fact File
I am still working on Shadevari. I like creating new worlds. So many possibilities...

Moral values... Well, mine mirror, to some extent, Heinlein's and Macchiavelli's... Shadevari will have similar sets. They would seem utterly immoral to the sexually-oriented moralists of our day (Those who think with the thing between their legs, I prefer calling them) as they have little concept of common decency or sexual discretion, nor do they possess any qualms about engaging in sexual acts that could be considered perversion unless it is pyschologically or physically damaging. This free attitude, even more than their nature itself,leads to their demonization by the organized religion. As for social values, they are a tightly-knit group with a tendency to construct a discreet, anarchistic society or follow the philosopher kings and queens that come from their ranks. Most of the time, Shadevari groups in a city form a loose collective, pooling resources and skills to the best of their ability, and using the wisest and most able member as the spokesperson and image of the group. Outwardly, they are quite Macchiavellian. Since a Shadevari demon is indistinguishable from a human by sight only, they freely mingle with the society of humans and other races, participating in their political and social processes. They grab power and hoard influence, primarily to increase the living quality of their people, but sometimes for personal enjoyment. They are a passionate race, and they sometimes sincerely wish for the best for those they mingle with, but the good of the race comes first, and this sometimes makes their manipulations dangerous and harmful.


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