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Stream of consciousness... And hints of a story..

Janice Mia Starling... This is a name that had been flitting around my head for four years now. That name gave birth to two characters with similar characteristics but different natures, powers and settings. One already has a firm place amongst my Krsanthians, but the other... the other is finding her place slowly...

Shadevari are a race I have created for role-palying forums I have joined over the last couple of years: A race of shadow demons, with decidedly Lovecraftian inspirations. Actually, they were based on the vampires of the Lasombra clan, from the game Vampire: the Masquerade, but instead of vampiric, I made them demonic. A race which originated from the dimension of Abyss, which makes Dante's inferno look like a nursery, they are strong, deadly, cunning, and extremely dangerous.

The world they exist in is a mirror of our own, but, as you can already guess, darker -not that currently the world is a sunny place- and with supernatural blending in amongst the daily power struggle. There are various groups, some known as legend, like vampires or ghosts, some completely foreign and alien, like the demonic Shadevari or fae-like Huntresses.

I am not, at this moment, sure about everything I will put into this work, nor I am sure about the exact genre -It might have science-fiction elements in it next to fantasy, and horror might find its way in- but I am sure about some little points, like the inclusion of same-gender romance and some mystery. I'll see where this will go sometime soon... I hope...


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