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"In a Country Where Flags Get Bigger, People Get Smaller"
This little title here is something I came across, and the meaning behind it struck me. The newest trend of radical nationalism that is starting to border on racism on one side and fascism on the other has been... disturbing, to say the least, and this captures the point exactly.

Al Quaeda scare in America, where NeoCons are effectively controlling the country and creating a mass-paranoia aimed at Muslims and other eastern people, like Hindus and Sikh. Resurgence of Fascism in Europe, with skinheads and Nazi-wannabes crawling out of the woodwork. The murder of Hrant Dink in Turkey (although the supposed defenders of the poor man are no better than those who shot him. Yes, I am talking about the Diaspora and its crocodile tears. They screamed for his blood just days bafore his senseless death. Same mentality waving a different flag.). And dozens more. Even with Latin America shining like a star of hope, the majority of the Western civilization is going down the drain, and fast.

As stupidity is prevalent amongst the people, I will try to put things in simplest terms.

Loving your nation is a good thing. Hating others because you love yours is not.

Valuing your own culture is a good thing. Disregarding or oppressing others is not.

In every human being, there is one common thing: The ability to think, to reason. Culture is valuable, as it chronicles the phases, the times a culture has gone through. Traditions are good things, as they keep a community together. But one must always keep one thing in mind regarding traditions and culture: No culture, no tradition, no belief, is more valuable than a human being.

I am not a pacifist, not by a long shot: I claim the right to defend myself, with lethal force, if that is warranted and needed. But no culture or tradition is worth more than a human being's rights: The right to live freely and decide her own fate. Thus, I am against any religion, tradition or school of thought that puts down people because what they are, disregarding who they are. So far, I noticed one common modus operandi in such actions: The division of people into us and them camps. Organized religion divides people into "believers" and "non-believers" or even "praised by -insert deity here-" and "cursed by -insert deity here-" (The apparent misogyny in Islam and Christianity is an example of this. And don't tell me fairy tales of equality in those two religions. A woman is responsible of the original sin, remember?). Racism divides people into "our race" and "inferiors". Thus, to me, there is no difference between religious fundamentalism, racism, or cultural elitism. They are all fascism. And fascism is the blight Western Society suffers from, a blight, if left unchecked, will devour the magnificent work built on the solid foundations laid down by the philosophers of old. If it allows itself to fall deeper into fascism, the Western Civilization will fall, and due to the nature of armaments available to the members of that civilization, the world might not survive that fall.

We are human. We share the same capacity to love, to think, to reason, to cooperate. Conflict might encourage a certain kind of growth, but it stunts growth in every other area. We can only progress beyond our meager bodies and small planet if we cooperate. We should not let this potential to go to waste.

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Agreed. Alot of truth in there.

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